HyperSpectral Imager

Hyperspectral imager


The hyperspectral imagers are available with many features and with different specifications. Depends on specifications they could be mounted on a field scanner, desktop scanner, or mounted on a drone.

Software easily synchronized with the scanner and provides a wide range of camera adjustments.  

HYSPIM using Desktop or Field Scanner provides a data cube with the push-broom technique.


Precise optical component with very good transmission and coatings make the instrument very sensitive and also has very low stray light.


It is lightweight and has a small form factor that makes it simple to be installed on a drone.


HYSPIM has very good dynamic range due to using a Basler Camera with Pixel Bit Depth of 12bit. Also, it has very low smearing and blooming.


A USB3 connector for spectral output and USB2 for field viewer camera. Field viewer camera is very useful accessory.

Field Hyperspectral imager

Field hyperspectral imager

Desktop Hyperspectral imager

Desktop hyperspectral imager

Drone Hyperspectral imager

Hyperspectral imager for aerial vehicles