Overwiew :



Precise optical component with very good transmission and coatings make the instrument very sensitive and also has very sensetive also has very low stray light.



HYSPIM cameras has a very usefull gadjet, Interface (mechanical-connector) that conects camera to Desktop scanner , Field scanner and also common tripod.


Mechanical :

It is lightweight and has a small form factor that makes it simple to installed on a drone.



HYSPIM has very good dynamic range due to using a Basler camera with Pixel Bit Depth of 12bit . also it has very low smearing and blooming.



HYSPIM has a USB3 port for spectral outout and USB2 for Field viewer camera (Viewfinder). Field viewer camera is a very useful accessory.

HyperSpectral Imagers (HYSPIM) specifications in one view :

Model ALPHA (15fps) BETTA (100fps) GAMMA (350fps) DELTA (750fps)
Spectral range 400nm-950nm 400nm-950nm 400nm-950nm 400nm-950nm
Slit sampling 350 pixels 400 pixels 200 pixels 150 pixels
Spectral resolution 2.5nm 2.5nm 2.5nm 2.5nm
Spectral sampling > 440 pixels > 440 pixels > 440 pixels > 440 pixels
Max frame rate 15 fps 100 fps 350 fps 750 fps
Bit depth 12 12 12 10

About Us

HYSPIM is a brand name for HyperSpectral imager and registered in Sweden.
About 11 years of experience in this field is the background of our production. We are actively developing an Application around HyperSpectral imagers . We help customize our products to fit their needs.
Current products are released after several years of debugging and optimizations. The Current Software for HYSPIM is available in Python and Matlab.
Our mission is to turn your idea into reality

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