Application of Hyperspectral imager in Agriculture

Desktop Hyperspectral imager

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Useful indexes are calculated at different locations of the leaf. Following table shows a shortlist of indexes that are calculated.

Measure the skin parameters with a hyperspectral camera

2D images at different wavelengths

Data cube

Scanner with light sources

Investigation of the temporal  development of red blood cell transmission spectrum


b) Viewfinder camera

c) Microscope

Image of a red blood cell that seen by Viewfinder camera

The temporal change in the transmission spectrum of a red blood cell.

Documents analysis and verification

For taking the hyperspectral image, the MHS_lens module is used.

With MHS_lens the HYSPIM has 50-micron resolution.

A word is covered with a black pen of the same color, RGB image

Identified word with analysicg HS image using NMF method

Different word wth different black pens, RGB image

Identified pens with analysing HS image using NMF method