Desktop Scanner

Specifications of the Desktop Scanner:

-Scanning length: 200mm

-Scanning resolution: 0.05mm

-Height of the vertical arm: 800mm

-Four halogen and LED light sources for uniform illumination

-Synchronization of the scanner and the HYSPIM

-Software for Windows 10

-Power supply: 110V-220V

-Connection: USB2

A sample is placed on the scanner and reflectance spectra of the object are recorded (push-broom technique). The speed and resolution are adjusted by integrated software.

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Field scanning System

Application for scanning of an area from the top of a tower,

for instance:

- Greenhouse Monitoring System.

- Spectro Photometry of the scattered sunlight from the atmosphere, sunphotometer

Specifications of the Field Scanner:

-Programmable scanning

-Azimuth and elevation scanning rates at:  0.004 deg/s - 8 deg/s

-Software for Windows 10

-Power supply: 12v

-Connection: USB2

Hyperspectral imager for aerial vehicles

Hyperspectral imager for airborne
- Operational mode: push-broom
- Lightweight about 1kg
- Small form factor
- Fast frame rate  about 230fps
- Field of view depends on imaging lend up to 20 degree.

 High-resolution hyperspectral imaging


- Document scanning at high resolution for Fraud Detection.

- Colorimetry at high resolution for irregularity detection.

- Leave study at high resolution for disease detection.

- Study a biological sample.


- 50-micron spatial resolution

- Syncronized with the scanner

- Two options: Slow or Fast scannings using slow or fast HYSPIM models.

- Lens for high resolution spectral imaging

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